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Occupational Therapy for Children

Helping You Reach New Heights of Greatness

Progressive OT Services is an Occupational Therapy private practice in Columbus, OH, that works with mainly children who have developmental and physical disabilities. We take the challenge for you and challenge ourselves to be the best for you and your loved ones so we can make a difference in your world. We see you as an individual and not a diagnosis.

We value our customers, and we make every effort to make sure you are satisfied. We want to make sure you succeed at getting to the next level of your journey. We base our practice off hospitality and satisfying the need of the customer. We work together with parents, caretakers, and staff to produce the optimal performance in our clientele.

Our team of professionals are trained, experienced, dedicated, and look forward to work with you and/or your loved ones. Come and let us help you reach new heights of greatness. We are a member of the Ohio Occupational Therapy Association.

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